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Fall Fashion Trends for Every Zodiac Sign

Anywhere in the world, you could easily see many people who are sporting urban wear. With the advent of the Internet and the popularity of social networking sites, you could easily observe urban street style from any global city, from New York to Moscow to Berlin and all the way to other key cities. Although urban street style could differ from city to city, almost all urban street clothes share five basis elements.

If you want to achieve a fashionable urban wear style, you should learn to use those five elements. Here are those along with ways on how you could attain unique urban street style effectively.

Mixing and matching

Every urban fashion wearer should learn how to creatively mix and match unusual elements like clothes, footwear, and accessories. This could require mixing and matching designs or patterns like stripes with unorthodox colors or with polka dots. The cardinal rule is to be bold and beautiful. Remember that in urban fashion, bolder fashion combinations are more appreciated.

Second-hand shopping

This activity is not just for cost-cutting. It could also lead to great finds. You could find and buy old shirts with old styles that would surely be fashionable again. The best about second-hand shopping is that you could find and buy items inexpensively. You could have no guilt when altering the items. Cutting slits, cutting a new neckline, or dyeing a shirt could be fun. Such activities could lead to a creation of a new or an originally styled t-shirt.

Vintage pieces

Certainly, vintage classics could be considered as significant addition to just about any wardrobe. Whether it is an old military jacket or a 1950s cocktail dress, you could be sure such pieces are for life. Thus, street stylers could never waste any dime. You could even buy vintage hairpiece or handbag if clothes and other accessories are too expensive. You could also start searching for potentially useful items from your parents’ or grandparents’ old closets.

Crafty chic

You could always alter and make clothes cheaply. Thus, as an urban wear styler, it would help if you know the basics of sewing or cutting fabrics. Numerous looks could be made easily through clothes that have already been existing in your own closet. Remember that fashion runs in cycles. What is outdated today could be the latest fashion trend tomorrow. You may want to alter and modify the designs and cuts of some of your pants and shirts to create a new and more updated look.

Signature pieces

Urban wear could be all about a signature look. You could attain that through a fashion statement brought about by a necklace or a ring. You could always find and wear items that could portray a cool message or an attractive/interesting image.

These are the basic ways to make you an urban wear master. Make your own personal influences the greatest inspiration for your very own street style. You are free to modify and upgrade your level of creativity, fashion, and individuality.

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