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Fashion Tips for Aries

Urban wear is apparently and logically associated directly with the hip hop culture. Thus, the elements of urban fashion style involves the capability of wearers to move around more freely and at the same time use the clothes for various practical reasons. It is also noticeable that several urban wear trends tend to shift frequently, while there are specific styles that stay and remain ‘in’ for a long time.

Are you into urban wear? By this time, you should have already realized that choosing, buying, and wearing the right accessories is as important as wearing urban fashion itself. It is clear that the overall urban getup is completed only with the use of urban fashion accessories. Thus, it is very important that you learn how to appropriately and correctly accessorize your urban wear. Here are several tips that would help you do so.

1. Wearing fashionable and clean pair of sneakers is considered very important to urban fashion. However, you may opt to save on costs by switching out or replacing laces with new ones more frequently. You would be surprised at how your sneakers would look different every time you do so. You may choose the lace style and color according to what is appropriate for your overall getup. Thus, it is advisable to invest in several sets of shoe laces so you could be able to change them whenever you like or whenever fashion commands you to do so. Urban fashion style is about staying fresh, getting daring, and being innovative to be different.

2. You could achieve a total urban look by wearing a fashionable baseball hat (or fitted hat). It is a usual practice for urban stylers to pull their hats all the way down to fit the head tightly. Let your hat rest lightly on your head’s crown. You may also turn it to the side even for just a bit. Remember to point the rim of the hat upward. Always strive to match the style and color of your hat to the shirt you are wearing.

3. Experiment to infuse popular fashion accessories from the 1970s and 1980s into your getup. You could use tie-dye belts or shoe laces to complement your outfit. Leg warmers are also possible accessories you should take. They were popular in the 1980s, but they could still be worn over leggings to create a more complete urban look.

4. For women, do not just opt for any standard urban wear sold by major urban clothing makers. You could still use your creativity by mixing and matching your accessories with your clothes. For urban fashion, you may be surprised that anything goes. You could buy old items, purchase men’s accessories for your own use, or practically find useful items from your parents’ or grandparents’ closets and wardrobes. Remember that dressing in urban fashion is most of the time about swagger and confidence.

Is urban wear your kind of fashion? You should not worry about the right accessories that would match your clothes. In urban fashion, as mentioned, anything could be acceptable as long as you are comfortable and you are confident about your own getup.

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