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Summer Fashion Trends for Every Zodiac Sign

Urban wear whether they may have strong influences of street wear or hip hop wear, the elements of functionality, comfort and individuality are always there. Adding your personality to urban wear is just as easy as picking out designer labels and integrating your personal touch to it. Urban wear are often associated with trainers or pair of shoes, hats, hooded sweatshirts and a bunch of accessories like belts and an assortment of jewelries. It is the combination of these elements that creates a very characteristic urban style.

As to the previous adhered idea that fashion is for the top designers and confined in places like Paris and Milan, urban fashion has taken this idea and smashed it into pieces. Unlike the usual fashion clothing that trickled down from the catwalks, urban wear originated from the streets and went up to the commercial designers and back again to the regular consumers. This is where the appeal of urban fashion lies. The individuality and uniqueness of the style has allowed people to bring out their personality.

Take your sneakers for example. Shoes are very essential parts of urban fashion and although you might need to change styles every so often. But there are still other ways that can help you create an urban fashion that is essentially your own. One way to integrate your fashion sense is to change the shoelaces every so often. It’s a way to cheaply personalize your trainers. You can add some personal designs on white laces and you can even put it off as designer urban wear. The same thing can be said for your hooded sweatshirts and even your baseball caps can be heavily customized. The way you war your cap is also an urban fashion statement. It is normal today to see caps worn just lightly on the top of the head. Just make sure that you match the color of your cap with your shirt. The individuality in urban wear is a must but never forget to have some good fashion sense.

When showing your individuality in urban fashion, you might want to consider your body and face structure as well. Take for instance when you use sunglasses. There are different kinds of sunglasses that can best suit an oblong, diamond, round and triangle face. For a body that leans on the plump side, sleeveless clothes are best avoided. Colors are great balancers as well. For plump body structure dark shades and dull colors would be good. If you like to wear prints, it is best to select small print and vertical patterns so you can look slimmer. If you have medium built body, satin clothes and colors like beige would be ideal.

Consider your skin tone as well. Fair complexion is best paired with copper colored attire. Urban wear that have mixes of white, beige and bronze would be great with whitish complexion. Copper shades would be great with dark skinned toned individuals.

When adding your personality to urban wear, you can draw influences from eras of the past. The 70s and 80s are great sources of styles.

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