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Winter Outfits for Every Zodiac Sign

Urban wear has become an international lifestyle. From the clothes to the accessories, people around the world has assimilated hip-hop culture and integrated their own personal influences to fit specific urban landscape. There has been no major change in the urban fashion scene in recent years but instead people have managed to mix and match past and present as well as various different urban styles together to produce something unique. But despite the subtle changes with both the apparel and accessories, there are always a couple of element that remains like shoes, jewelry and sunglasses. Sunglasses in your urban wear seem to be a mainstay necessity.

If you’re into urban fashion then having some serious eyewear is simply a must. Nowadays, you can find different kinds of sunglasses to fit your personal preferences and even your personal quirkiness. From plastic to metal to glass, take your pick. In terms of style, it seems that oversized sunglasses are the most popular for urban fashion. The large bug eye sunglasses are reminiscent of the eyewear of the 70s. Ask your parents or grandparents on the kinds of shades or sunglasses they have back then and you’ll see some similar designs to the ones that are popular today.

The idea behind urban wear is to make things stand out and bring your own personality and style. You can see hip-hop singers wearing those designer oversized eye wear but you don’t have to emulate them if that’s not your style at all. If the oversized glasses are not your thing then you can move to the more traditional kinds. There are head hugging shades that follow the contours of the sides of your head. There are rimless glasses, half rimmed, dark ones, light ones, coated ones, reflective, colorful rims and even glasses that have patterns in them. You probably can find the perfect glasses for you from the assortment of sunglasses available today so there’s absolutely no need to imitate anything that is uncomfortable.

As basic guide in picking eyeglasses, you must consider the shape of your face. This will limit your search and makes the actual selection of the sunglasses faster. Take your skin color under consideration as well.

For the shapes of the face, a round one needs sunglasses that are quite narrow. These kinds of shades will help make your face longer to compensate with the more or less even length and width. If you have an oval shaped face, sunglasses that are wide will work best for you. Similarly, a face with a narrow forehead widening down the chin needs wide shades as well. On the other hand, a narrow chin and wide forehead requires sunglasses that have light colored frames and rimless shades. These kinds of shades will keep the focus away from your forehead. A square face needs wide glasses while a diamond shaped face needs rimless ones to compliment the narrow jaw line and wide cheek bones. Meanwhile, you will need glasses that add some depth to an oblong shaped face.

Considering skin color, if you have bluish or pinking complexion glasses that fall under the colors of blue, black, brown or magenta works well. With skin tones close to yellow and gold, the best sunglasses would be copper, orange, tan or off white. Sunglasses in your urban wear are really something that elicits creativity and individuality of the wearer.

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